Case Studies in Academic Medicine
Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships
The Surest Way to Prevent Burnout in Medical School and Beyond
Rethinking Invasive Procedural Training
How Valid Are Standard Self-Assessment Scales for International Medical Graduates?
How Valid Are Standard Self-Assessment Scales for International Medical Graduates?
Commentary: Do Medical Schools Have a Responsibility to Train Physicians to Meet the Needs of the Public? The Case of Persistent Rural Physician Shortages
Commentary: Deconstructing Gender Difference
Commentary: Using Medical Student Case Presentations to Help Faculty Learn to be Better Advisers
Commentary: Profiling by Appearance and Assumption: Beyond Race and Ethnicity
Commentary: Linking Cultural Competence Training to Improved Health Outcomes: Perspectives From the Field
Commentary: A Call for Culture Change in Academic Medicine
Reports of the Decline of Empathy During Medical Education Are Greatly Exaggerated: A Reexamination of the Research
Which Medical Schools Produce Rural Physicians? A 15-Year Update
Efforts to Graduate More Primary Care Physicians and Physicians Who Will Practice in Rural Areas: Examining Outcomes From the University of Minnesota–Duluth and the Rural Physician Associate Program
Attributes Affecting the Medical School Primary Care Experience
Retention of J-1 Visa Waiver Program Physicians in Washington State's Health Professional Shortage Areas
Perspective: Private Schools of the Caribbean: Outsourcing Medical Education
The Teachable Moment
Activities, Productivity, and Compensation of Men and Women in the Life Sciences
Do Women Residents Delay Childbearing Due to Perceived Career Threats?
Gender Differences in Clinical Confidence: A Nationwide Survey of Resident Physicians in Japan
Case Study: A Midclerkship Crisis—Lessons Learned From Advising a Medical Student With Career Indecision
Long-Term Effectiveness of Patient-Centered Training in Cultural Competence: What is Retained? What is Lost?
Artist Statement: “The Disaster Series”
Pride and Prejudice
A Baccalaureate–MD Program for Students From Medically Underserved Communities: 15-Year Outcomes
Staying Connected: Native American Women Faculty Members on Experiencing Success
How, When, and Why Do Physicians Choose Careers in Academic Medicine? A Literature Review
Perspective: PhD Scientists Completing Medical School in Two Years: Looking at the Miami PhD-to-MD Program Alumni Twenty Years Later
Are MD-PhD Programs Meeting Their Goals? An Analysis of Career Choices Made by Graduates of 24 MD-PhD Programs
Perspective: Are We Teaching Racial Profiling? The Dangers of Subjective Determinations of Race and Ethnicity in Case Presentations
Perspective: Successfully Negotiating the Clerkship Years of Medical School: A Guide for Medical Students, Implications for Residents and Faculty
Core Clerkship Directors: Their Current Resources and the Rewards of the Role
Multicenter Trial of the Clinical Activities Tool to Document the Comparability of Clinical Experiences in Obstetrics–Gynecology Clerkships
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Preventing and Responding to Complaints of Sexual Harassment in an Academic Health Center: A 10-Year Review From the Medical University of South Carolina
Development of an Interinstitutional Collaboration to Support Community-Partnered Research Addressing the Health of Emerging Latino Populations
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