Conflict of Interest in Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals: The World Association of Medical Editors' Position on a Challenging Problem
Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind: At-Home Call for Residents and Fellows
Reporting-bias in Surveys of Sensitive Personal Information
Reporting-bias in Surveys of Sensitive Personal Information
Instruction in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Must Be a Priority in Medical Students' Education
Raising Awareness About a Hurtful Term
Focusing on Students' Talents and Strengths in Medical Education
Commentary: New Guidelines for NIH Peer Review: Improving the System or Undermining It?
Commentary: The Case for Expanding General Surgery Residencies
Commentary: Doctors Without Boundaries: The Ethics of Teacher–Student Relationships in Academic Medicine
Commentary: Health Care Payment Reform and Academic Medicine: Threat or Opportunity?
Commentary: Dinosaurs Fated for Extinction? Health Care Delivery at Academic Health Centers
Commentary: The Unsustainable Cost of Undergraduate Medical Education: An Overlooked Element of U.S. Health Care Reform
Commentary: Academic Health Centers as Accountable Care Organizations
The Future of Academic Surgery
Perspective: Is NIH Funding the “Best Science by the Best Scientists”? A Critique of the NIH R01 Research Grant Review Policies
Toward Authentic Clinical Evaluation: Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Competency
Perspective: The ACGME Toolbox: Half Empty or Half Full?
Do Residency Applicants Know What the ACGME Core Competencies Are? One Program's Experience
Perspective: Beyond Storytelling in Medicine: An Encounter-Based Curriculum
Perspective: The Revolution Is Upon Us
On Courage
Coordinating Progressive Levels of Simulation Fidelity to Maximize Educational Benefit
Artist's Statement: “DNAsed and Confused”
Empowerment Evaluation: A Collaborative Approach to Evaluating and Transforming a Medical School Curriculum
Did You Know?
Toward Hypothesis-Driven Medical Education Research: Task Force Report From the Millennium Conference 2007 on Educational Research
Faculty Development in Medical Education Research: A Cooperative Model
Data Repositories for Medical Education Research: Issues and Recommendations
New Measures to Establish the Evidence Base for Medical Education: Identifying Educationally Sensitive Patient Outcomes
Did You Know?
Getting to Sleep in New Jersey
Individual and Social Concerns in American Surgical Education: Paying Patients, Prepaid Health Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid
Fellowship Training as a Modifier of the Surgical Learning Curve
Assessing the Surgeon's Technical Skills: Analysis of the Available Tools
Anatomy of a New U.S. Medical School: The Commonwealth Medical College
Perspective: Authentic Patient Perspectives in Simulations for Procedural and Surgical Skills
Perspective: Redefining Context in the Clinical Encounter: Implications for Research and Training in Medical Education
Ideals, Activities, Dissonance, and Processing: A Conceptual Model to Guide Educators' Efforts to Stimulate Student Reflection
Instructional Design Variations in Internet-Based Learning for Health Professions Education: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
AM Last Page: Survey Development Guidance for Medical Education Researchers