An Open Letter to New Medical Students
An Ethical Imperative to Use Reprocessed Medical Equipment
An Ethical Imperative to Use Reprocessed Medical Equipment
Patient Safety Education: Overreported and Still Lacking
Patient Safety Education: Overreported and Still Lacking
Medical Students Need Educators From a Variety of Backgrounds
Commentary: Watching Closely at a Distance: Key Tensions in Supervising Resident Physicians
Commentary: What If High-Quality Care Drove Medical Education? A Multiattribute Approach
Artist's Statement: Woe
Commentary: The Role of Mentored Internships for Systems Engineering in Improving Health Care Delivery
When Do Supervising Physicians Decide to Entrust Residents With Unsupervised Tasks?
Improving Resident Education and Patient Safety: A Method to Balance Initial Caseloads at Academic Year-End Transfer
Teaching Quality Improvement and Patient Safety to Trainees: A Systematic Review
Taking Note of the Perceived Value and Impact of Medical Student Chart Documentation on Education and Patient Care
Does Perspective-Taking Increase Patient Satisfaction in Medical Encounters?
Constructing a Validity Argument for the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise: A Review of the Research
Simulation Training in Central Venous Catheter Insertion: Improved Performance in Clinical Practice
A Meta-Analysis of Studies of Publication Misrepresentation by Applicants to Residency and Fellowship Programs
Moral Controversy, Directive Counsel, and the Doctor's Role: Findings From a National Survey of Obstetrician–Gynecologists
The Essential Value of Projects in Faculty Development
Minority Faculty Members' Resilience and Academic Productivity: Are They Related?
Measures of Educational Effort: What Is Essential to Clinical Faculty?
The Impact of Repeat Information on Examinee Performance for a Large-Scale Standardized-Patient Examination
Is Physician Engagement With Web-Based CME Associated With Patients' Baseline Hemoglobin A1c Levels? The Rural Diabetes Online Care Study
The Development of a Theory-Based Instrument to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Continuing Medical Education
The Flickering of a Heartbeat
A Gender-Based Analysis of Work Patterns, Fatigue, and Work/Life Balance Among Physicians in Postgraduate Training
Nutrition Education in U.S. Medical Schools: Latest Update of a National Survey
AM Last Page: Reliability and Validity in Educational Measurement