2010 RIME External Reviewers
2010 Research In Medical Education Planning Committee
Use of Simulated Electronic Mail (E-mail) to Assess Medical Student Knowledge, Professionalism, and Communication Skills
Identifying and Classifying Problem Areas in Laparoscopic Skills Acquisition: Can Simulators Help?
Long-Term Retention of Central Venous Catheter Insertion Skills After Simulation-Based Mastery Learning
Early Predictors of Physicians' Practice in Medically Underserved Communities: A 12-Year Follow-up Study of University of New Mexico School of Medicine Graduates
Where Do They Come From and Where Do They Go: Implications of Geographic Origins of Medical Students
Credentials as Cultural Capital: The Pursuit of Higher Degrees Among Academic Medical Trainees
What Drives Faculty Ratings of Residents' Clinical Skills? The Impact of Faculty's Own Clinical Skills
Do Writing and Storytelling Skill Influence Assessment of Reflective Ability in Medical Students' Written Reflections?
Relationships Between Medical Student Burnout, Empathy, and Professionalism Climate
A Controlled Study of Improvements in Student Exam Performance With the Use of an Audience Response System During Medical School Lectures
Measuring Medical Students' Orientation Toward Lifelong Learning: A Psychometric Evaluation
The Impact of a Peer-Designed and -Led USMLE Step 1 Review Course: Improvement in Preparation and Scores
A New Concept of Unsupervised Learning: Directed Self-Guided Learning in the Health Professions
The Promise and Challenge of Including Multimedia Items in Medical Licensure Examinations: Some Insights From an Empirical Trial
The Reliability and Acceptability of the Multiple Mini-Interview as a Selection Instrument for Postgraduate Admissions
Validity of Four Approaches of Using Repeaters' MCAT Scores in Medical School Admissions to Predict USMLE Step 1 Total Scores
It's Your Own Risk: Medical Students' Perspectives on Online Professionalism
A New Professionalism? Surgical Residents, Duty Hours Restrictions, and Shift Transitions
Changes in Perception of and Participation in Unprofessional Behaviors During Internship
Finding, Recruiting, and Sustaining the Future Primary Care Physician Workforce: A New Theoretical Model of Specialty Choice Process
The Relationship Between USMLE Step 2 CS Patient Note Ratings and Time Spent on the Note: Do Examinees Who Spend More Time Write Better Notes?
Validity Evidence for USMLE Examination Cut Scores: Results of a Large-Scale Survey
Relationship Between Performance on the NBME Comprehensive Basic Sciences Self-Assessment and USMLE Step 1 for U.S. and Canadian Medical School Students
Which Factors, Personal or External, Most Influence Students' Generation of Learning Goals?
The Quality of Written Comments on Professional Behaviors in a Developmental Multisource Feedback Program
The Open-Ended Comment Space for Action Plans on Core Clerkship Students' Encounter Cards: What Gets Written?
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