Above All, It Must Be Consulted
We Need a New Model for Obtaining Students' Consent to Conduct Peer Physical Examinations
We Need a New Model for Obtaining Students' Consent to Conduct Peer Physical Examinations
Teaching Physician Numeracy
Teaching Physician Numeracy
Commentary: Improving the Supply and Distribution of Primary Care Physicians
Commentary: Charting a Course for Success: Excellence in Clinical Care and Discovery in Academic Departments
Commentary: Concentrating the Mind
Commentary: Professionalism, Unionization, and Physicians' Strikes
Commentary: Experience With Resident Unions at One Institution and Implications for the Future of Practicing Physicians
Commentary: Preparing for Health Care Reform: Ten Recommendations for Academic Health Centers
What I Know About Excruciating Physical Pain
Participation in U.S. Graduate Medical Education by Graduates of International Medical Schools
The Medical Educator, the Discourse Analyst, and the Phonetician: A Collaborative Feedback Methodology for Clinical Communication
Perspective: The Need for Practice Socialization of International Medical Graduates—An Exemplar From Pain Medicine
Training the Next Generation of Physician–Executives: An Innovative Residency Pathway in Management and Leadership
Developing Personal Values: Trainees' Attitudes Toward Strikes by Health Care Providers
Shifting Indirect Patient Care Duties to After Hours in the Era of Work Hours Restrictions
Lost in Transition: The Experience and Impact of Frequent Changes in the Inpatient Learning Environment
Increasing the Number of Trainees in General Surgery Residencies: Is There Capacity?
Accounting for Graduate Medical Education Production of Primary Care Physicians and General Surgeons: Timing of Measurement Matters
Artist's Statement: Fifteen Words by a 13th-Century Philosopher Saint
Big Bambú
Perspective: Delivering Effective and Engaging Continuing Medical Education on Physicians' Disruptive Behavior
Bayes' Theorem and the Physical Examination: Probability Assessment and Diagnostic Decision Making
A Systematic Review of Curricular Interventions Teaching Transitional Care to Physicians-in-Training and Physicians
What Factors Affect Students' Overall Ratings of a Course?
Perspective: Tectonic Shifts in Academic Pediatrics: Changes and Adaptation
Correction: Virtual Humans Versus Standardized Patients: Which Lead Residents to More Correct Diagnoses?
Closing the Door on Pharma? A National Survey of Family Medicine Residencies Regarding Industry Interactions
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