Proposals to Strengthen the Link Between Medical Education and Better Health for Individuals and Populations
More About Current Psychiatric Education and Practice
More About Current Psychiatric Education and Practice
More About Current Psychiatric Education and Practice
More About Current Psychiatric Education and Practice
Neurobiological Research and High-Level Learning
Neurobiological Research and High-Level Learning
Correcting a Misperception
Commentary: Improving Participant Recruitment in Clinical and Translational Research
Student Affairs Officers Should Oversee Preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation
Student Affairs Officers Should Not Oversee Preparation of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation
Financial Incentives for Residents and Fellows: A Disruptive Innovation to Drive Quality Improvement
Continuing Medical Education: The Link Between Physician Learning and Health Care Outcomes
Invigorating the Context and Content of Nutrition in Medical Education
Two's Company, Three Hundred Million's a Crowd: Balancing Clinical Integrity and Population Consciousness in Medical Education
A Golden Opportunity: The Coevolution of Medical and Education Homes
Prioritizing Health Disparities in Medical Education to Improve Care
Answering the Question of the Year With Faculty Diversity
Teaching Physicians to Make Informed Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty: Librarians and Informaticians on the Health Care Team
Aligning Academic Medicine With the Needs of the Health Care System by Creating a Cohort of Physician–Researchers in the Social Sciences
Beyond the Exam Room: A Call for Integrating Public Health Into Medical Education
The Physician as Team Leader: New Job Skills Are Required
The “I Want to Help People” Dilemma: How Advocacy Training Can Improve Health
The Neglect of Chronic Disease Self-Management in Medical Education: Involving Patients as Educators
Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: Reforming Health Care by Transforming Health Professionals' Education
Educating Trainees About Appropriate and Cost-Conscious Diagnostic Testing
Going MAD: Development of a “Matrix Academic Division” to Facilitate Translating Research to Personalized Medicine
The Prevalence and Economic Impact of Low-Enrolling Clinical Studies at an Academic Medical Center
Relationship of Pass/Fail Grading and Curriculum Structure With Well-Being Among Preclinical Medical Students: A Multi-Institutional Study
“A Morning Since Eight of Just Pure Grill”: A Multischool Qualitative Study of Student Abuse
Professional Challenges of Non-U.S.-Born International Medical Graduates and Recommendations for Support During Residency Training
Artist's Statement: Reinvent Yourself
Going Beyond Kirkpatrick in Evaluating a Clinician Scientist Program: It's Not “If It Works” but “How It Works”
Influencing Residency Choice and Practice Location Through a Longitudinal Rural Pipeline Program
Does One Size Fit All? Building a Framework for Medical Professionalism
Through My Mask
Similarities and Differences in the Career Trajectories of Male and Female Career Development Award Recipients
2011 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest
The Effect of Patient Feedback on Physicians' Consultation Skills: A Systematic Review
Medical Student and Faculty Perceptions of Volunteer Outpatients Versus Simulated Patients in Communication Skills Training
Perspective: Creating the Next Generation of General Internists: A Call for Medical Education Reform
Perspective: Leveraging the Health Care Workforce: What Do We Need and What Educational System Will Get Us There?
Effect of Educational Interventions and Medical School Policies on Medical Students' Attitudes Toward Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices: A Multi-Institutional Study
Factors Affecting Weight Counseling Attitudes and Behaviors Among U.S. Medical Students
Patient Safety Stories: A Project Utilizing Narratives in Resident Training
AM Last Page: China Medical Board (CMB)
Expanding Medical Student and Resident Knowledge of Health Economics, Policy, and Management
The Patient-Centered Medical Home as a Curricular Model: Medical Students Need an “Educational Home”
How Combined Internal Medicine-Dermatology Residency Programs Can Improve Patient and Population Health
Not a Medical Course, but a Life Course
Professionalism, the Invisible Hand, and a Necessary Reconfiguration of Medical Education
Exemplary Care and Learning Sites: Linking the Continual Improvement of Learning and the Continual Improvement of Care
Medical Education Featuring Mastery Learning With Deliberate Practice Can Lead to Better Health for Individuals and Populations
Aligning Health Sciences Education with Health Needs in Developing Countries
Linking Continuing Professional Development and Practice Improvement to Build the Primary Care Academic Home
Using Workplace Learning to Improve Patient Care
Pediatrics Redesign Project: A Pilot Implementing Competency-Based Education Across the Continuum
Teaching Appropriate, Cost-Effective Care Using the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria
Helping Medical Students and Residents Flourish: A Path to Transform Medical Education
Educating Trainees About Common Mental Health Problems in Primary Care: A (Not So) Modest Proposal
Safe Expectations