Medicine and the Arts Turns 20
Ensuring the Future of Primary Care
Ensuring the Future of Primary Care
Ensuring the Future of Primary Care
The Difficulty of Assessing Students' Competence in Patient Care
Cost-Effective Learning for Cost-Effective Care?
Commentary: Diversity 3.0: A Necessary Systems Upgrade
Commentary: Meeting Future Medical Care Needs: A Perfect Storm on the Horizon
Elephants in Academic Medicine
Restructuring an Inpatient Resident Service to Improve Outcomes for Residents, Students, and Patients
Involving Clinical Librarians at the Point of Care: Results of a Controlled Intervention
Unexpected Collateral Effects of Simulation-Based Medical Education
Can Eliminating Risk Stratification Improve Medical Residents' Adherence to Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis?
Do Extratherapeutic Factors Affect Residents' Decisions to Prescribe Medication for Erectile Dysfunction in Ethically Challenging Scenarios?
Community Partners as Co-Teachers in Resident Continuity Clinics
Struggling to Be Self-Directed: Residents' Paradoxical Beliefs About Learning
To Friend or Not to Friend? Social Networking and Faculty Perceptions of Online Professionalism
Perspective: Can Emotional Intelligence Training Serve as an Alternative Approach to Teaching Professionalism to Residents?
The One Liner
Lighthouse Keeping
2011 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest
A “Safe Space” for Learning and Reflection: One School's Design for Continuity With a Peer Group Across Clinical Clerkships
Perspective: To What End Communication? Developing a Conceptual Framework for Communication in Medical Education
Artist's Statement: Mindways
A Comprehensive Career-Success Model for Physician–Scientists
The Junior Faculty Laboratory: An Innovative Model of Peer Mentoring
Meeting the Challenge of Practice Quality Improvement: A Study of Seven Family Medicine Residency Training Practices
Teaching Sexual History-Taking: A Systematic Review of Educational Programs
AM Last Page: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)