2012 Question of the Year
Black Balls and Diagnostic Reasoning
Black Balls and Diagnostic Reasoning
Developing Military Cultural Competency in Health Care Providers
Toward an Integrated Research Community
Time to Move On From the Term Faculty Development
Management Lessons for Improving Medical Students' Clerkship Experience
Commentary: A Sense of Story, or Why Teach Reflective Writing?
Commentary: “I Hope I'll Continue to Grow”: Rubrics and Reflective Writing in Medical Education
Commentary: The Relative Research Unit: Providing Incentives for Clinician Participation in Research Activities
Acknowledgment of Academic Medicine Reviewers
What “Patient-Centered Care” Requires in Serious Cultural Conflict
Theory and Practice in the Design and Conduct of Graduate Medical Education
The History of Calls for Reform in Graduate Medical Education and Why We Are Still Waiting for the Right Kind of Change
Fostering and Evaluating Reflective Capacity in Medical Education: Developing the REFLECT Rubric for Assessing Reflective Writing
Perspective: Publication Ethics and the Emerging Scientific Workforce: Understanding “Plagiarism” in a Global Context
A Randomized Trial to Evaluate Methodologies for Engaging Academic Physicians in Grateful Patient Fundraising
The Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: An Organizational Model for Clinical Research in a School of Medicine
ResearchMatch: A National Registry to Recruit Volunteers for Clinical Research
A Surgeon at Night
The Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology Degree Program of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: A Model for Clinical Research Training
Artist's Statement: Memories of Mentorship
Why We're Here
The Evolution of a Novel Biomedical Informatics Curriculum for Medical Students
Thinking About Giving Up Clinical Practice? A Gender-Stratified Approach to Understanding Junior Doctors' Choices
Assessing Gender Equity in a Large Academic Department of Pediatrics
Women Physicians: Choosing a Career in Academic Medicine
Specialty Choice and Practice Location of Physician Alumni of University of California Premedical Postbaccalaureate Programs
Toward “Harder” Medical Humanities: Moving Beyond the “Two Cultures” Dichotomy
AM Last Page: Applying Knowles' Andragogy to Resident Teaching