The Need for More Sophisticated Simulation Applications to Teach and Assess Expert Judgment
Residents Should Know About Medicare Funding for Their Training Programs
Increasing Students’ Tolerance of Ambiguity
Increasing Students’ Tolerance of Ambiguity
Rueful Valedictory Repentance
Encouraging Women of Color to Enter Academic Medicine
Why Are a Quarter of Faculty Considering Leaving Academic Medicine? A Study of Their Perceptions of Institutional Culture and Intentions to Leave at 26 Representative U.S. Medical Schools
A Standards-Based, Peer-Reviewed Teaching Award to Enhance a Medical School’s Teaching Environment and Inform the Promotions Process
Internal Medicine Trainees’ Views of Training Adequacy and Duty Hours Restrictions in 2009
Anticipated Consequences of the 2011 Duty Hours Standards
Public Health Physician Specialty Training in Canada and the United States
Preparing Medical Students to Facilitate Lifestyle Changes With Obese Patients
How and Why Internal Medicine Clerkship Directors Use Locally Developed, Faculty-Written Examinations
Shades of Reality
How Can Educators Use Simulation Applications to Teach and Assess Surgical Judgment?
Careers in Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Interprofessional Education
Behavior Change Counseling Curricula for Medical Trainees
How Closely Do Institutional Review Boards Follow the Common Rule?
Institutional Review Board Community Members
Fully Aligned Academic Health Centers
On Being There
The Green One
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