Faculty Supervision of Residents—Creating Important Moments of Magic
Advancing the Medical Education Mission
Why Reforms Must Be Made to Make the Dean’s Letter Useful
Why Reforms Must Be Made to Make the Dean’s Letter Useful
Why We Must Teach Written and Verbal Communication Skills to Medical Students and Residents
Insomnia From Disease or Disaster?
Insomnia From Disease or Disaster?
Fostering a New Vision of Health by Incorporating Human Rights Training Into Medical Education
The Next Generation of Doctoring
Clarifying Assumptions to Enhance Our Understanding and Assessment of Clinical Reasoning
The Ethics of Conducting Graduate Medical Education Research on Residents
Strategies for Developing Biostatistics Resources in an Academic Health Center
Artist’s Statement
Tradition Meets Innovation
Science and Charity
U.S. Graduate Medical Education and Physician Specialty Choice
Does Admission to a Teaching Hospital Affect Acute Myocardial Infarction Survival?
“We Learn From Them, They Learn From Us”
Mentor Networks in Academic Medicine
Batting 300 Is Good
Negotiation in Academic Medicine
The Effect of Reducing Maximum Shift Lengths to 16 Hours on Internal Medicine Interns’ Educational Opportunities
Do Canadian Researchers and the Lay Public Prioritize Biomedical Research Outcomes Equally? A Choice Experiment
“A Good Career Choice for Women”
Becoming a Doctor
Mentoring Programs for Underrepresented Minority Faculty in Academic Medical Centers
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