Preparation for Medical School
Medical Students With Median Debt
In Reply to Rogalsky
A Call for Management and Economic Training in Medical Education
Two Thousand Is Too Many
Clinical Decision Making, Fast and Slow
In Reply to Petrie and Campbell
More About Managing Professional Boundaries in Rural Environments
In Reply to Watts and Parker
Training Physicians for a New Health Care Delivery System
A Proposal to Help Achieve Equitable Treatment of Transgender People in the Health System
Redesigning the MCAT Exam
Reflections on the Role of a Writing Test for Medical School Admissions
Should the MCAT Exam Be Used for Medical School Admissions in Canada?
Tying Square Knots
Tolerance for Ambiguity
Artist’s Statement
There Is No “I” in Teamwork in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Do Racial and Ethnic Group Differences in Performance on the MCAT Exam Reflect Test Bias?
Core Personal Competencies Important to Entering Students’ Success in Medical School
A Systematic Strategic Planning Process Focused on Improved Community Engagement by an Academic Health Center
The Great Diseases Project
Teaching Population Health
Academic Health Centers and Community Health Centers Partnering to Build a System of Care for Vulnerable Patients
Beyond a Curricular Design of Convenience
A Historical Examination of the Budin-Pinard Phantom
Transforming a Family Medicine Center and Residency Program Into a Federally Qualified Health Center
What’s His Name? Medical Training in the Age of Technology and Health Care Reform
A Mother’s Plea
The Predictive Validity of the MCAT Exam in Relation to Academic Performance Through Medical School
An Overview of the Medical School Admission Process and Use of Applicant Data in Decision Making
Competence and Confidence With Basic Procedural Skills
Within-Session Score Gains for Repeat Examinees on a Standardized Patient Examination
The Relationship Between Communication Scores From the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills Examination and Communication Ratings for First-Year Internal Medicine Residents
Participation in Medicine by Graduates of Medical Schools in the United Kingdom up to 25 Years Post Graduation
The Impact of Leadership Training Programs on Physicians in Academic Medical Centers
Do Scores on Three Commonly Used Measures of Critical Thinking Correlate With Academic Success of Health Professions Trainees? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
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