What You Might Hear in the Waiting Room
Concerns About Academic Publishing on YouTube
Concerns About Publishing on YouTube
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Doctors of Podiatric Medicine Could Help Ease the Physician Shortage
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An Economic Argument for Investment in Physician Resilience
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Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound Examinations Are Important in Ultrasound Training for Medical Students
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Can We Achieve Public Accountability for Graduate Medical Education Outcomes?
Words of Comfort
Considering the Clinical Context of Medical Education
A Case in HIV Ethics
The Tip of the Iceberg
Why Resident Duty Hours Regulations Must Address Attending Physicians’ Workload
Dancing Through Cape Coast
Teaching While Learning While Practicing
Forging Stronger Partnerships Between Academic Health Centers and Patient-Driven Organizations
Academic Medicine Change Management
A Novel Enrichment Program Using Cascading Mentorship to Increase Diversity in the Health Care Professions
Reframing Clinical Workplace Learning Using the Theory of Distributed Cognition
Building Learning Communities
Oh, Mrs. Muramoto
Changing the Culture of Academic Medicine
Building Diversity in a Complex Academic Health Center
Not the Story*
Toward Graduate Medical Education (GME) Accountability
A Quantitative Experimental Paradigm to Optimize Construction of Rank Order Lists in the National Resident Matching Program
Institutions With Accredited Residencies in New York State With an Interest in Developing New Residencies or Expanding Existing Ones
No Time for Teaching? Inpatient Attending Physicians’ Workload and Teaching Before and After the Implementation of the 2003 Duty Hours Regulations
Racial and Ethnic Minority Medical Students’ Perceptions of and Interest in Careers in Academic Medicine
The Experience of Minority Faculty Who Are Underrepresented in Medicine, at 26 Representative U.S. Medical Schools
Anatomy and Histology as Socially Networked Learning Environments
Frequency and Determinants of Residents’ Narrative Feedback on the Teaching Performance of Faculty
Artist’s Statement
Doctoral Programs to Train Future Leaders in Clinical and Translational Science
A Shortened Version of the Clinical Research Appraisal Inventory
A Medical School’s Organizational Readiness for Curriculum Change (MORC)
A Randomized Trial of Two e-Learning Strategies for Teaching Substance Abuse Management Skills to Physicians
Evaluating Oral Case Presentations Using a Checklist
Evolution of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development Offices in U.S. Medical Schools
Social Media Use by Health Care Professionals and Trainees
Doctors’ Perceptions and Use of Evidence-Based Medicine
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