The View From 30,000 Feet
Ways to Guarantee Minority Faculty Will Quit Academic Medicine
In Reply to Rodríguez and Campbell
In Support of Medical Student Research
The Importance of Real-Time Feedback in Undergraduate Assessments
“Moments of Magic” Require Culture Change
The Practicality of Theory
Medical Student in Global Health—Just One Part of a Larger Commitment
Academic Integrity
Overwhelmed and Uninspired by Lack of Coordinated Care
Artist’s Statement
Developing Physicians as Catalysts for Change
Advancing the University Mission Through Partnerships With State Medicaid Programs
Ethical Dilemmas in Clerkship Rotations
Learning Together to Practice Together
Dr. Nurse, Nurse Doctor
Doctors and Nurses Through the Patient’s Eyes
Toward Mutuality and Kinship in Health Care
What Is a Nurse? “A Missioner of Health”
Medicine and Nursing
Working as a Team to Improve Patient Care in the Intensive Care Unit
Making Equity a Value in Value-Based Health Care
The Challenge of Promoting Professionalism Through Medical Ethics and Humanities Education
A New Line of Work
Attitude Adjustment
Developing the Master Learner
Adopting an Ethical Approach to Global Health Training
Global Health Educational Engagement—A Tale of Two Models
Lessons Learned About Coordinating Academic Partnerships From an International Network for Health Education
Applying the Milestones in an Internal Medicine Residency Program Curriculum
Enhancement of the Assessment of Physician–Patient Communication Skills in the United States Medical Licensing Examination
That 2,000-Yard Stare
2013 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest
A Framework for Analysis of Sentinel Events in Medical Student Education
Bridging Care Transitions
Gender Differences in Salary in a Recent Cohort of Early-Career Physician–Researchers
Geographic Mobility Advances Careers
The Influence of the Residency Application Process on the Online Social Networking Behavior of Medical Students
The Evolving Role of Online Virtual Patients in Internal Medicine Clerkship Education Nationally
Ultimate Publication Rate of Unpublished Manuscripts Listed on Radiology Residency Applications at One Institution
The Effect of Medical Students and Residents on Measures of Efficiency and Timeliness in an Academic Medical Center Emergency Department
Career Benchmarks From the Burroughs Wellcome Fund’s Early Faculty Career Development Awards
The Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Award
Career Outcomes of the Graduates of the American Board of Internal Medicine Research Pathway, 1995–2007
The Heart of Listening
Does Medical Training Promote or Deter Self-Directed Learning? A Longitudinal Mixed-Methods Study
The Social and Learning Environments Experienced by Underrepresented Minority Medical Students
Educational Objectives for International Medical Electives
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