2014 Question of the Year
Acknowledgment of Academic Medicine Reviewers
Teaching Health Centers
Make Time for Teaching and Learning Procedural Skills
In Reply to Sinha et al
Teaching Based on Thinking Fast and Slow
In Reply to van Merriënboer
If Students Cannot Deliver Bad News, They Should Not Be the First to See Patients Awaiting Bad News
Spirituality and Health
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
MD–PhD Training
How Do You Deliver a Good Obstetrician? Outcome-Based Evaluation of Medical Education
The Accreditation System After the “Next Accreditation System”
Demonopolizing Medical Knowledge
Forging Successful Academic–Community Partnerships With Community Health Centers
The Health Sciences and Technology Academy
The Integration of the “Spirituality in Medicine” Curriculum Into the Osteopathic Communication Curriculum at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences
Commentary on Kathrin, a portrait by Thomas Eakins
Integration of Basic Science and Clinical Medicine
Artist’s Statement
“I Will Never Let That Be OK Again”
Using a Teaching OSCE to Prompt Learners to Engage With Patients Who Talk About Religion and/or Spirituality
Assessing Third-Year Medical Students’ Ability to Address a Patient’s Spiritual Distress Using an OSCE Case
The Mentor
Forceps Delivery Volumes in Teaching and Nonteaching Hospitals
Medical Students’ Perceptions of the Physician’s Role in Not Allowing Them to Perform Gynecological Examinations
Educational Outcomes for Students Enrolled in MD–PhD Programs at Medical School Matriculation, 1995–2000
Comparing Teaching Versus Nonteaching Hospitals
Am I Right When I Am Sure? Data Consistency Influences the Relationship Between Diagnostic Accuracy and Certainty
Why Do Doctors Make Mistakes? A Study of the Role of Salient Distracting Clinical Features
How Can Students’ Diagnostic Competence Benefit Most From Practice With Clinical Cases? The Effects of Structured Reflection on Future Diagnosis of the Same and Novel Diseases
Script Concordance Testing
Teaching Medical Error Disclosure to Residents Using Patient-Centered Simulation Training
Measuring Physicians’ Productivity
Development and Verification of a Taxonomy of Assessment Metrics for Surgical Technical Skills
Primary Care Residency Choice and Participation in an Extracurricular Longitudinal Medical School Program to Promote Practice With Medically Underserved Populations
Test-Enhanced Web-Based Learning
Quantifying Federal Funding and Scholarly Output Related to the Academic Emergency Medicine Consensus Conferences
Connectedness, Sense of Community, and Academic Satisfaction in a Novel Community Campus Medical Education Model
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