A Pause for Reflection
Literature Reviews Should Reveal the Reviewers’ Rationale to Opt for Particular Quality Assessment Criteria
In Reply to Hannes and Aergeerts
Preventing Illegal Interview Questions
In Reply to Clancy
Minority Faculty Pay a Higher Proportion of Their Earnings to Student Debt
Teaching Trainees to Prevent Medical Errors May Decrease the Need for Disclosure
Teaching the Physical Examination
A New Leadership Curriculum
Electronic Health Record Training in Undergraduate Medical Education
Reconsidering Fidelity in Simulation-Based Training
Rethinking the Discharge Summary
Artist’s Statement
Simulated Electronic Health Record (Sim-EHR) Curriculum
Creation of a Novel, Interdisciplinary, Multisite Clerkship
A Transparent Oversight Policy for Human Anatomical Specimen Management
The Hospital Medicine Reengineering Network (HOMERuN)
The Fifth White Coat
Developing and Implementing Core Competencies for Integrative Medicine Fellowships
A Beneficent Death
Laughing With
Commentary on “Laughing With,” lyrics and music by Regina Spektor
What Skills Should New Internal Medicine Interns Have in July? A National Survey of Internal Medicine Residency Program Directors
A Core Physical Exam for Medical Students
Burnout Among U.S. Medical Students, Residents, and Early Career Physicians Relative to the General U.S. Population
A Randomized Trial of a Three-Hour Protected Nap Period in a Medicine Training Program
Engaging Residents and Fellows to Improve Institution-Wide Quality
How Clerkship Students Learn From Real Patients in Practice Settings
Clinical Clerkship Students’ Perceptions of (Un)Safe Transitions for Every Patient
Role-Modeling and Medical Error Disclosure
How Medical Students Learn From Residents in the Workplace
The Nursing Home as a Learning Environment
Weekly and Consecutive Day Neonatal Intubation Training
The Reliability, Validity, and Feasibility of Multisource Feedback Physician Assessment
Patient Outcomes in Teaching Versus Nonteaching General Internal Medicine Services
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