Interprofessional Teams
A Closer Look at Attrition in MD–PhD Programs
A Closer Look at Attrition in MD–PhD Programs
In Reply to Akabas and Brass and to Mittwede et al
Reflection in Diagnostic Reasoning
In Reply to Mamede and Schmidt
Teaching White-Coat Ethics to Clerks
In Reply to Spike
The Role of Research Incubators in Encouraging Research and Publication Among Medical Students
Advancing the Use of Checklists for Evaluating Performance in Health Care
Compassion—The Cure
What Is a 21st-Century Doctor? Rethinking the Significance of the Medical Degree
What Is a Doctor and What Is a Nurse? A Perspective for Future Practice and Education
“Making Strange”
From Competencies to Human Interests
Proactive Medicine
Engaging Physicians and Consumers in Conversations About Treatment Overuse and Waste
Five Steps to Develop Checklists for Evaluating Clinical Performance
Evaluating Educators Using a Novel Toolbox
La Tomba del Tuffatore (The Tomb of the Diver)
Commentary on La Tomba del Tuffatore (The Tomb of the Diver)
Perceptions of Ghanaian Medical Students Completing a Clinical Elective at the University of Michigan Medical School
Applying Athletic Principles to Medical Rounds to Improve Teaching and Patient Care
It’s Not Always About Health Care
Raising the Bar for the Care of Seriously Ill Patients
The Unlovables
Feedback Matters
Affirming Professional Identities Through an Apprenticeship
Measuring Gains in the Clinical Reasoning of Medical Students
The Impact of a Faculty Learning Community on Professional and Personal Development
Clinically Discriminating Checklists Versus Thoroughness Checklists
Training in Transvaginal Sonography Using Pelvic Ultrasound Simulators Versus Live Models
Improving Medical Literature Sourcing by First-Year Medical Students in Problem-Based Learning
Artists’ Statement
Is Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Premedical Education Marginalized in the Medical School Admission Process? A Review and Contextualization of the Literature
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