A Conversation in the Locker Room
Reflecting Upon Reflection in Diagnostic Reasoning
Reflecting Upon Reflection in Diagnostic Reasoning
In Reply to Norman et al and to Ilgen et al
Seeking Clarity in CLER
Honoring Those Who Have Served
Providing Care to Military Personnel and Their Families
“Innovation” Institutes in Academic Health Centers
Accountable Care Organization Readiness and Academic Medical Centers
Lest Ye Be Judged
A Case for Change
Artist’s Statement
Development of a Student-Mentored Research Program Between a Complementary and Alternative Medicine University and a Traditional, Research-Intensive University
A Lesson in Language
White Noise [Excerpt],
Commentary on an Excerpt From White Noise
A Novel Approach to Supporting Relationship-Centered Care Through Electronic Health Record Ergonomic Training in Preclerkship Medical Education
Lessons From Google and Apple
The Harvard Medical School Academic Innovations Collaborative
Standards for Reporting Qualitative Research
Attitudes and Habits of Highly Humanistic Physicians
Perceived Effects of Innovations in Postgraduate Medical Education
Relating Mentor Type and Mentoring Behaviors to Academic Medicine Faculty Satisfaction and Productivity at One Medical School
Afraid of Being “Witchy With a ‘B’”
The Role of MD and MBA Training in the Professional Development of a Physician
A Study of the Effect of Dyad Practice Versus That of Individual Practice on Simulation-Based Complex Skills Learning and of Students’ Perceptions of How and Why Dyad Practice Contributes to Learning
Leadership Training in Health Care Action Teams
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