Competencies, Milestones, and Entrustable Professional Activities
Patient-Centered Instruction
Developing Practical Wisdom in Customer Service
Undergraduate Anatomy Teaching
On Leadership and Service During Medical Training
Developing Health Care Workforces for Uncertain Futures
Placing Constraints on the Use of the ACGME Milestones
Using Self-Determination Theory to Improve Residency Training
Realizing the Promise of Competency-Based Medical Education
The Problem With Competencies in Global Health Education
Understanding Deficiencies of Leadership in Advancing Health Equity
Defining Competencies for Education in Health Care Value
A Competency-Based Approach to Recruiting, Developing, and Giving Feedback to Department Chairs
The Case for Use of Entrustable Professional Activities in Undergraduate Medical Education
The Patient-as-Partner Approach in Health Care
Preventing and Managing Unprofessionalism in Medical School Faculties
Artist’s Statement
Commentary on “Jane”
Redesigning Rounds
Early Exposure to a Clinical Oncology Course During the Preclinical Second Year of Medical School
The Medical Education Pathway
Discordance Between Resident and Faculty Perceptions of Resident Autonomy
The Day Life’s Snooze Button Broke
Seasonal Variation in Family Member Perceptions of Physician Competence in the Intensive Care Unit
The Development of Entrustable Professional Activities for Internal Medicine Residency Training
A National Study of Medical Students’ Attitudes Toward Self-Prescribing and Responsibility to Report Impaired Colleagues
The Impact of Duty Hours Restrictions on Job Burnout in Internal Medicine Residents
Building a Framework for Global Health Learning
Can Empathy, Other Personality Attributes, and Level of Positive Social Influence in Medical School Identify Potential Leaders in Medicine?
Disrupting Diagnostic Reasoning
Affordances of Knowledge Translation in Medical Education
Supervisor Continuity or Co-Location
Residents’ Views of the Role of Classroom-Based Learning in Graduate Medical Education Through the Lens of Academic Half Days
The Evolution of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT exam)