Racial Violence, Academic Medicine, and Academic Medicine
Physician Workforce Shortages
Physician Workforce Shortages
In Reply to Kirch and to Dall
Reexamining Outcomes of the Primary Care Residency Expansion
In Reply to Rasouli and Willson
Using Liberal Criteria to Identify Burnout Poses the Risk of Pathologizing Normal Adaptive States
In Reply to Bianchi et al
Promoting Palliative Care
Promoting Palliative Care
The Suspicious Fracture Pattern of Freddie Gray
Health Reform and Academic Health Centers
A Diversity 3.0 Update
Identifying and Promoting Best Practices in Residency Application and Selection in a Complex Academic Health Network
Building a Generation of Physician Advocates
Good Neighbors
The Education Review Board
The Educational Model of Private Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine
The Art of Observation
Artist’s Statement
Anatomy Lesson
Commentary on “Anatomy Lesson”
The Gold–Hope Tang, MD 2015 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest
The Evolution of an Elective in Health Disparities and Advocacy
Improving Documentation Timeliness
Community Engagement Studios
The Effect of Differential Weighting of Academics, Experiences, and Competencies Measured by Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) on Race and Ethnicity of Cohorts Accepted to One Medical School
The Urban Medicine Program
How Medical School Applicant Race, Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status Relate to Multiple Mini-Interview–Based Admissions Outcomes
Confessions of a Medical Voluntourist
Measuring Diversity and Inclusion in Academic Medicine
Residents’ Perspectives on Rewards and Challenges of Caring for Ambulatory Care Patients Living With Chronic Illness
Family Medicine Department Chairs’ Opinions Regarding Scope of Practice
Facilitated Reflective Performance Feedback
Vital Signs
A Multisite Initiative to Increase the Use of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Through Resident Training and Clinic Systems Changes
A Study of the Use, Knowledge, and Beliefs About Cigarettes and Alternative Tobacco Products Among Students at One U.S. Medical School
Recommendations for Writing Successful Grant Proposals
Socially Accountable Medical Education—The REVOLUTIONS Framework