Just Because I Am Teaching Doesn’t Mean They Are Learning : Improving Our Teaching for a New Generation of Learners
More on the Causes of Errors in Clinical Reasoning
More on the Causes of Errors in Clinical Reasoning
In Reply to Croskerry and to Patel and Bergl
Perspectives on the Single GME Accreditation System
Perspectives on the Single GME Accreditation System
In Reply to Buser and to Shannon
Gender Equality in Academic Medicine Requires Changes for Both Men and Women
Earlier Introduction to the Wards : Are the Medical Students or the Educators Too Green?
Married to Medical School? How to Maintain Relationships as a Medical Student
Students : More Than Receivers of Education or Subjects of Medical Education Research
On Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Identity Capital and Identifying Learners at Risk for Marginalization
The Socioeconomic Diversity Gap in Medical Education
Ramifications of Recruiting Medical Students From Lower Socioeconomic Backgrounds
A Culture of Supremacy in Medicine
The Barriers to Medical School for DACA Students Continue
A Call for Critical Race Theory in Medical Education
The Need for Anti-Racism Training in Medical School Curricula
An Argument for Flexible Specialty Board Exam Dates : Reducing Gender Disparity and Improving Learner Wellness
The Leadership Case for Investing in Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development for Faculty : An Elephant in the House of Academic Medicine or the Key to Future Success?
The Problem and Goals Are Global, the Solutions Are Local : Revisiting Quality Measurements and the Role of the Private Sector in Global Health Professions Education
Seven Dirty Words : Hot-Button Language That Undermines Interprofessional Education and Practice
Stupid Consult
The Charter on Professionalism for Health Care Organizations
Proposing a Model of Co-Regulated Learning for Graduate Medical Education
The Impact of a National Faculty Development Program Embedded Within an Academic Professional Organization
SimZones : An Organizational Innovation for Simulation Programs and Centers
Artist’s Statement : In the Face of Hunger
The Golden Years
Commentary on “The Golden Years”
The MD–MEd Joint-Degree Program at Vanderbilt University : Training Future Expert Medical Educators
Encouraging Student Interest in Teaching Through a Medical Student Teaching Competition
Using Organizational Philosophy to Create a Self-Sustaining Compensation Plan Without Harming Academic Missions
The Academic RVU : Ten Years Developing a Metric for and Financially Incenting Academic Productivity at Oregon Health & Science University
The Impact of an Academy of Medical Educators on the Culture of an American Health Sciences Campus
Faculty–Resident “Co-learning” : A Longitudinal Exploration of an Innovative Model for Faculty Development in Quality Improvement
The Impact of a Junior Faculty Fellowship Award on Academic Advancement and Retention
Recruiting and Retaining Community-Based Preceptors : A Multicenter Qualitative Action Study of Pediatric Preceptors
Faculty Development for Medical School Community-Based Faculty : A Council of Academic Family Medicine Educational Research Alliance Study Exploring Institutional Requirements and Challenges
The Need for Developing a Cultural Understanding With Underserved Minority Patients in Medicine
Creating a Cadre of Fellowship-Trained Medical Educators, Part II : A Formal Needs Assessment to Structure Postgraduate Fellowships in Medical Education Scholarship and Leadership
Health Professions Education Scholarship Unit Leaders as Institutional Entrepreneurs
The Impact of a Scholarly Concentration Program on Student Interest in Career-Long Research : A Longitudinal Study
Simulation Fellowship Programs : An International Survey of Program Directors
Simulation Fellowship Programs in Graduate Medical Education