Foreword : Sticks and Stones
Commentary : Racism and Bias in Health Professions Education
Summary : Research Diseases Need Holistic Care
Validity Evidence and Scoring Guidelines for Standardized Patient Encounters and Patient Notes From a Multisite Study of Clinical Performance Examinations in Seven Medical Schools
Formative Assessment in an Integrated Curriculum : Identifying At-Risk Students for Poor Performance on USMLE Step 1 Using NBME Custom Exam Questions
Personalized Video Feedback and Repeated Task Practice Improve Laparoscopic Knot-Tying Skills : Two Controlled Trials
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Impact of Adoption of a Mobile Application for the Assessment of Professionalism in Medical Trainees
A Randomized Cohort Study of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Thresholds in Medical Student Clinical Reasoning
“You Have to Know the End of the Story” : Motivations to Follow Up After Transitions of Clinical Responsibility
Learning From Patients : Why Continuity Matters
How and Why Preclerkship Students Set Learning Goals and Assess Their Achievement : A Qualitative Exploration
Study Behaviors and USMLE Step 1 Performance : Implications of a Student Self-Directed Parallel Curriculum
Reflective Practice in the Clinical Setting : A Multi-Institutional Qualitative Study of Pediatric Faculty and Residents
A Multilevel Analysis of Professional Conflicts in Health Care Teams : Insight for Future Training
Medical Education to Enhance Critical Consciousness : Facilitators’ Experiences
Using the Readiness for Clerkship and Residency Surveys to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Four MD Programs : A Cross-Institutional Generalizability Study
EQual, a Novel Rubric to Evaluate Entrustable Professional Activities for Quality and Structure
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