Imparting the Knowledge, Science, and Art of Psychopharmacology : Thoughts on Educational Research Questions
Teaching Psychopharmacology Introduction
Psychopharmacology Training in Psychiatric Education : The Debate
Education and Training in Psychopharmacology
Comments on Psychiatric Education
The Challenge of Teaching Psychopharmacology in the New Millennium : The Role of Curricula
Alternate Methods of Teaching Psychopharmacology
Who Is Teaching Psychopharmacology? Who Should Be Teaching Psychopharmacology?
Old Versus New Medications : How Much Should Be Taught?
Teaching Psychopharmacology : Two Trainees' Perspectives
The Limited Role of Expert Guidelines in Teaching Psychopharmacology
Guidelines, Algorithms, and Evidence-Based Psychopharmacology Training for Psychiatric Residents
Teaching the Prescriber's Role : The Psychology of Psychopharmacology
Teaching Collaboration Between Pharmacotherapist and Psychotherapist
Teaching Medication Compliance to Psychiatric Residents : Placing an Orphan Topic Into a Training Curriculum
Assessment of Psychopharmacology on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Examinations
Psychiatric Training Program Engagement With the Pharmaceutical Industry : An Educational Issue, Not Strictly an Ethical One
The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Teaching Psychopharmacology : A Growing Problem
Residency Training and Homelessness Education