Imparting the Knowledge, Science, and Art of Psychopharmacology
Teaching Psychopharmacology Introduction
Psychopharmacology Training in Psychiatric Education
Education and Training in Psychopharmacology
Comments on Psychiatric Education
The Challenge of Teaching Psychopharmacology in the New Millennium
Alternate Methods of Teaching Psychopharmacology
Who Is Teaching Psychopharmacology? Who Should Be Teaching Psychopharmacology?
Old Versus New Medications
Teaching Psychopharmacology
The Limited Role of Expert Guidelines in Teaching Psychopharmacology
Guidelines, Algorithms, and Evidence-Based Psychopharmacology Training for Psychiatric Residents
Teaching the Prescriber's Role
Teaching Collaboration Between Pharmacotherapist and Psychotherapist
Teaching Medication Compliance to Psychiatric Residents
Assessment of Psychopharmacology on the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Examinations
Psychiatric Training Program Engagement With the Pharmaceutical Industry
The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Teaching Psychopharmacology
Residency Training and Homelessness Education