Malignity-Like Peritoneal Tuberculosis Associated with Abdominal Mass, Ascites and Elevated Serum Ca125 Level

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Peritoneal tuberculosis (TB) is similar to ovarian cancers with respect to clinical, radiological laboratory findings. In this report, we present 10 TB cases with malignity pre-diagnosis based on the presence of ascites, pelvic mass, abdominal lymph nodes and elevated Ca125. The mean age of the cases was 29 ± 14.4 years (18-63). Eight cases were associated with ascites, and the mean adenosine deaminase (ADA) value in ascitic fluid was 130.37 ± 92.2. All cases had elevated levels of serum Ca125. In 6 cases, we identified lung pathologies based on chest radiography. Diagnoses were made based on diagnostic laparotomy in four cases, laparoscopy in two cases, percutaneous needle biopsy in two cases, and clinical evaluation in two cases. Anti-TB treatments lasted 12 months. Serum Ca125 levels normalised in the 3rdmonth of treatment. In the differential diagnosis of ascites and high serum Ca125 levels, tuberculosis should be considered in patients from developing countries.

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