Validation of the TaqMan Influenza A Detection Kit and a Rapid Automated Total Nucleic Acid Extraction Method to Detect Influenza A Virus in Nasopharyngeal Specimens

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Abstract.This study describes the validation of the TaqMan® Influenza A Detection Kit v2.0 combined with an automated nucleic acid extraction method. The limit of detection of this assay was determined by probit regression (95% confidence interval) to be 2 influenza A/PR/8/34 (H1N1) virus particles per microlitre. One hundred and eleven specimens previously tested using the Seeplex® RV assay and viral culture methods were tested using the TaqMan Influenza A Detection Kit. Compared to the aggregate gold-standard, the sensitivity and specificity of the TaqMan Influenza A Detection Kit were 100% (35/35) and 97% (74/76), respectively. Because of its accuracy, quick turn-around-time and lyophilized bead form, the TaqMan Influenza A Detection Kit, combined with the NucliSense® easyMAGTM automated extraction method, constitutes a reliable protocol for influenza A diagnosis.

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