An Academic-Based Hospital Donor Site: Do Physicians Donate Blood?

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The objectives of this prospective, cross-sectional study were to characterize blood donors in an academic-based hospital donor center, to determine whether physicians donate, and to elucidate the donation impetus. A confidential survey was issued to presenting, potential donors over 200 weekdays. Three questions were asked: their role at the institution, if and when they had previously donated blood, and what prompted the current donation. The majority of the 687 respondents were institution-affiliated (73.5%) and 79.3% had previously donated, with a median of 3 mo since the prior donation. Only 21 (3.1%) respondents were physicians. The predominant reasons for donor presentation were an appointment, knowing it had been 8 wk since the last donation, and contact by the blood center to donate. This study shows the dearth of physician blood donors and a strong cohort of institution-affiliated repeat donors. Physicians represent a potential, stable, and sustainable donor pool; further studies are needed to establish physician recruitment programs.

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