The Effect of Cherry Sticks Extract on the Levels of Glycoproteins in Alloxan-Induced Experimental Diabetic Mice

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This study was designed to evaluate the effect of ethanolic cherry sticks extract on the levels of glycoproteins in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. Forty-five adult male albino mice were divided equally into three groups: Group 1: control, Group 2: diabetic mice, Group 3: diabetic mice treated with cherry sticks extract as well as to eighteen mice treated with cherry sticks extract only for toxicity test. All treatments were administered via an intragastric tube. Diabetes was induced in the mice of Group 3 by an intraperitoneal injection with 100 mg/kg body weight of alloxan. Oral administration of cherry sticks extract at a concentration of 250 mg/kg body weight for 15 days significantly reduced the levels of blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, urea, and creatinine as well as those of hexose, hexosamine, fucose, and sialic acid in the diabetic mice treated with the cherry sticks extract as compared to untreated diabetic mice, with no adverse effects in mice treated only with cherry sticks extract. In conclusion, cherry sticks extract proved to have a beneficial effect on the diabetic mice in this study. In light of these advantageous results, it is advisable to broaden the scale of use of cherry sticks extract in a trial to alleviate the adverse effects of diabetes.

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