Pulmonary Adenofibroma: Report of a Case with Multiple Masses

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We are reporting one case of multiple pulmonary adenofibromas in a 57-year-old non-smoking female. Ten well-circumscribed masses were identified in both lungs. The masses are characterized by gland-like structures lined by a single layer of simple cuboidal or columnar epithelium. The stroma is abundant and demonstrates compact spindle-cells. The epithelial component is generally positive for CK7, TTF-1, Napsin A. The stromal component displays expression of vimentin, desmin, SMA, h-CALD, ER, PR, Bcl-2, and is negative for CD34, CD117, CD99. We are postulating that the possible histogenesis of these lesions is via proliferation of mesenchymal component of the peribronchial wall, which entraps the epithelium as it expands. Hitherto, this is the first case with multiple lesions reported. Currently, the patient is 11 months post-surgery and doing well.

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