Helicobacter pylori L-asparaginase: A Novel Bacterial Antigen that May Contribute to Infection Detection

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Abstract.Helicobacter pylori is responsible for gastric inflammation and for an increased risk of cancer development in humans. Several bacterial antigens contribute to stimulate the immune system, but their relative role has not yet been defined. H. pylori (strain CCUG) type II L-asparaginase (L-ASNase) induces an immune response in mice. To verify if an immune response could also be detected in humans, sera positive (n=11) or negative (n=11), respectively, to H. pylori according to a commercial test were assayed for their reactivity towards purified H. pylori L-ASNase. Among positive samples, 8/11 (72%) were positive to L-ASNase. We conclude that H. pylori L-ASNase is immunogenic in humans and contributes to the generation of the antibody response induced by the bacterium.

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