Feasibility, Reliability, and Validity of the Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mCEX) in a Medicine Core Clerkship

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To determine the feasibility, reliability and validity of the mCEX when used to evaluate medical students’ clinical skills in a medicine core clerkship.


In 2002, students were required to complete nine mCEX during their medicine clerkship. Mean mCEX scores were correlated with exam scores and course grades.


89% of targeted mCEX were completed. The reproducibility coefficient for eight mCEX was .77. Mean mCEX scores were significantly correlated with exam scores (r = .22; p = .004), inpatient (r = .43; p < .0001), outpatient (r = .35; p < .0001), and final course grades (r = .19; p = .014).


These data support the feasibility, reproducibility, and validity of the mCEX in evaluating medicine clerkship students’ clinical skills.

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