The Graduate Medical Education Scholars Track: Developing Residents as Clinician–Educators During Clinical Training via a Longitudinal, Multimodal, and Multidisciplinary Track

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ProblemResidency clinician–educator tracks have been created; however, they have generally been limited to a single discipline or program and experienced some challenges. The Graduate Medical Education Scholars Track (GMEST), an embedded longitudinal, multimodal, multidisciplinary clinician–educator track for residents, was piloted at the Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago, in academic year 2014–2015.ApproachThe GMEST is a two-year experience completed during residency training. The goal is to prepare trainees for academic careers as clinician–educators with a focus on medical education scholarship. This track is designed for residents from diverse training programs with variable clinical schedules and blends a live interactive program, asynchronous instruction and discussion, and overarching multimodal mentorship in medical education. Participants are expected to complete a capstone medical education project and submit it to institutional, regional, and/or national venues.OutcomesData gathered from the 2014–2016 and 2015–2017 cohorts demonstrated that 21/22 (95%) participants were satisfied with the GMEST curriculum, felt it was important to their development as future clinician–educators, and felt it would positively influence their ability to work in medical education. Further, 18/22 (82%) participants wished to pursue a career as a clinician–educator and in medical education leadership and/or scholarship.Next StepsThe authors will longitudinally track graduates’ future career positions, projects, publications, and awards, and cross-match and compare GMEST graduates with non-GMEST residents interested in medical education. Faculty mentors, program directors, and the Medical Education, Research, Innovation, Teaching, and Scholarship community will be asked for feedback on the GMEST.

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