The Academy of Master Clinicians: Recognition of Clinical Excellence Within an Academic Medical Center

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ProblemAcademic health centers face increasing challenges in pursuing and maintaining clinical excellence in their tripartite mission. At Penn Medicine, an institution-wide strategic planning process was initiated in 2012. Among the recommendations that arose from that process was to enhance the recognition of Penn Medicine’s most outstanding clinicians. The Academy of Master Clinicians (AoMC) was founded in 2013.ApproachThe ad hoc committee charged with the development and implementation of the AoMC provided a mission statement, eligibility criteria, and a process for nomination and selection of AoMC members. This process was inclusive, extending to all entities of Penn Medicine. Various forms of institutional service were incorporated into the expectations for membership.OutcomesTo date, 53 clinicians have been selected for membership in the AoMC. Members meet monthly to focus on significant institutional issues. Initiatives are identified for member leadership and participation. Members are engaged in activities and programs for medical students, residents, and faculty, focusing on areas such as career advising, faculty development, physician burnout, and practice operations. The executive vice president (EVP)/dean has commented that the AoMC is “highly visible and impactful.”Next StepsA yearly report on outcomes and impact of the AoMC is provided to the EVP and chief executive officer. In addition, at the end of each academic year, the members of the AoMC determine two to three new initiatives on which to work to formulate issues and potential actions.

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