Advancing Holistic Review for Faculty Recruitment and Advancement

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ProblemThe challenges to developing a physician and scientific workforce that both reflects and provides quality care for the complex and richly diverse population of the United States are considerable.ApproachOne medical school (Baylor College of Medicine) sought to adapt the Holistic Review in Admissions process developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges and apply it to faculty. In the fall of 2016, academic leaders received on-site training and completed several workshop exercises. The goal was for the leaders to build consensus around a holistic review framework for hiring and advancing faculty that is based on the institution’s mission, vision, and values.OutcomesThis training occurred during Baylor’s ongoing strategic planning and helped inform improvements in the faculty recruitment and hiring process, in the guidelines for faculty appointment and promotion, and in the pilot of an administrative leadership candidate rating tool, the “experiences–attributes–academic metrics model.” The model that developed from the pilot translates the holistic review concept into a tool for identifying, hiring, and promoting faculty members and administrative leaders that is aligned to the values of Baylor. The utility of this framework lies in the clear delineation of metrics and qualifications along with the prioritization of attributes and experiences.Next StepsThis innovation is being piloted and evaluated to determine its effect on advancing the institutional mission of Baylor.

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