Doppler optical coherence tomography

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Doppler optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a functional extension of OCT. In Fourier Domain OCT information on blood flow can be extracted when phase-sensitive measurements are performed. This technique can be used to quantify blood flow but also to visualize the vasculature comparable to angiography. When blood flow in the retina is quantified knowledge on the orientation of the vessel relative to the illuminating laser beam is required. Several attempts have been tried to solve this problem. A promising technique is to illuminate the vessel from two directions with two laser beams. With this approach the extraction of blood velocity becomes independent of incident angle and independent of eye movements. We have shown that this is a vlid and reproducible technique to quantify retinal blood flow in humans. When doing angiography systems with high readout rate are required, because of motion artifacts. The technique may have significant potential in retinal disease.

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