The new clinical applications of dried amniotic membrane

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Dried amniotic membrane (AM) can be a useful therapeutic adjunct in ophthalmic surgery and possesses logistical advantages over standard cryopreserved AM. Differences in preservation techniques can significantly improve biochemical composition and physical properties of AM, potentially affecting clinical efficacy. Nottingham have developed a novel dry AM preparation comparable in biochemistry to fresh membrane and with superior in vitro wound healing capability than conventional cryopreserved and freeze dried AM. This product is stable and easily transportable allowing it to be globally wide reaching for use in clinical and military sectors, and can be stored as a stock item. Allowing such an ‘off the shelf’ application, creates a novel standardised biological dressing in emergency situations for enhanced wound healing and improved clinical prognosis. Their pre-clinical data generated from treatment of ocular burns demonstrates the benefit of acute phase innervation with an effective treatment such as dry AM.

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