New matrix therapy in chronic corneal ulcers resistant to conventional therapies

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To determine the efficacy of a new ophthalmologic solution based on ReGeneraTing Agent technology (RGTA, Cacicol®) in the therapy of chronic corneal ulcers resistant to conventional therapies.


This study included 20 patients with chronic corneal ulcers. There were various etiologies:two due to basic chemical burns,two neurotrophic keratitis, one Moreen ulcer, one pseudo-Mooren, three on IntraCorneal Ring, nine on 9 grafts (one endothelial and 8 penetrating keratoplasties, one post surgery. All patients were previously treated with classical lacrymal substitutes, one with topical ciclosporine, corticoids, and/or A vitamin ocular ointment, and/or one/several amniotic membrane graft. Patients were treated with Cacicol® at a dose regimen of one drop daily every 2 or 3 days for one to three months. The primary outcome measure was healing. The ulcer’s diameter was measured at day 8,then once a month for 3 months.


Complete healing was observed for 13 patients, i.e. a cure rate of 65 %. For other patients, 6 failures (30%) and one improvement without complete healing (5%) were reported. In the healed group, time of reparation was : 4 in day 8, 4 in one month and 5 in 3 months.


Cacicol was effective in the treatment of chronic corneal ulcers resistant to conventional therapies. Its efficacy remains to be proven in randomized double-blind studies.

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