Long-term clinical outcomes in patients with refractory uveitis associated with Behçet's disease treated with infliximab

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To assess long-term efficacy and safety of infliximab for refractory Behçet's disease (BD) uveitis and to evaluate the effect of withdrawal of infliximab after achieving long-term remission.


Retrospective study of 19 patients.


Mean follow-up was 44.1±36.5 months and mean number of infliximab infusions was 21.6 ±14.6. At end of follow-up, there was significant improvement of visual acuity and reduction of central macular thickness. All patients achieved remission, 14 of whom were able to discontinue corticosteroids. Ten patients developed autoantibodies and one patient developed infusion reactions. Eight eyes underwent intraocular surgery without exacerbation of quiescent uveitis. After achieving complete remission, 5 patients discontinued infliximab and maintained remission during a mean of 24.6 ±5.5 months.


Infliximab is effective and safe for long-term treatment for refractory BD uveitis. Repeated infusions are required to maintain long-term remission which may be sustained despite withdrawal of infliximab. Induction of autoantibodies is common.

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