Inflammatory orbital lesions (IOI)

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Idiopathic orbital inflammation is a diagnosis by exclusion and therefore a rather heterogeneous patient group. By definition the terms exclude lesions with an identifiable aetiology as bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Many classification schemes for IOI exists, but we didn’t know which one is best so we like to share with the audience the outcome of our quest for the best classification system for idiopathic orbital inflammation. The classification systems could be tested for the five properties of a good classification system being Reliability, Feasibility, Face validity, Content validity, Distinction. A combined histology/imaging localization classification system is best for idiopathic orbital inflammation. The presentation will be including the topics idiopathic inflammatory orbital disease, which has to differentiate from the vasculitis and isolated sclerosing pseudotumor. The new classification schedules of the international vasculitis group will be shortly outlined. Also some research findings, where several attempts were done, to find relations with

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