Wound healing in health and disease

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Wound healing is a complex process involved in ocular surgery, trauma and pathogenesis of several eye diseases. Due to the delicate and sensitive structures of the eye wound healing is playing a essential role in ophthalmology. The transparency and optical properties of the cornea makes the mechanisms involved in the wound healing after the corneal surgery important understand and treat in detailed way. In glaucoma surgery well controlled wound healing process is as important for the creation of a functioning passage to aqueous humor out of the eye. The state of the ocular tissues is of great importance for the success of ocular surgeries and further points out the role of inflammation in wound healing processes. For example in case of glaucoma surgery the ultimate goal is to prevent ganglion cell death by lowering the intraocular pressure. Because ocular surfaces are the most important pathway for the topical glaucoma drugs and thus most vulnerable to the topical adverse reactions, they influence on the preoperative state of these tissues and thus the success of glaucoma surgery. The wound healing SIS is focusing in the mechanism involved in the wound healing in general and particularly in corneal and glaucoma surgery.

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