Choroidal thickness measurements and variations with age, gender in normal, myopia and high myopia

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To evaluate CT and variations along foveal horizontal scan and age related change in CT in normal and myopic Methods:Multi-center prospective study with 3 groups:30 Normal,24 Mild Myopia,31 High Myopia. Manual measurement followed choroid boundary selection(supra-choroid space,lamina fusca and outer limit of vessels. CT was measured at 500 μm intervals up to 1,500 μm temporal and nasal, manually by two graders independently. Statistical analysis evaluated CT at each location,the effects of age and myopia and grader agreement.Results: 85 eyes were qualified.Excellent grader agreement:intra-class correlation>0.97(Bland-Altman analysis).The mean CT was 248.2±78.5μm for Normal--age=58±18;247.0±85.4 for Myopia-age=45±20;131.5±70.9for High Myopia-age=54±13. The mean CT was significantly thicker for Normal and Myopia than High Myopia. CT was highly correlated across all test locations and slightly thicker underneath the fovea. The overall slope of age related mean change for the mean CT was -1.95 μm/year.The effect of age differed among the study groups.CONCLUSION: OCT measurements of CT are reproducible.Age and high myopia negatively affect CT.There was good agreement in CT measurement between RTVue and Spectralis.

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