Mechanism of fluid accumulation

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To characterise the cellular mechanisms of fluid flow in the retina in view of its clinical implications.


Retinal fluid homeostasis is effected by a whole host of mechanisms that reside both in the retinal pigement epithelium, in the choroid and in the retina. In a physiological state there is a constant flow of fluid out of the intraretinal and subretinal space into the choroid, of which about 70% is effected via active transport mechanisms within in the retinal pigment epithelium.

In case these Results:

This presentation will summarise the latest data on how fluid homeostasis is maintained within the retina and how these mechanisms underly the evolving phramacological treatment modalities for exudative maculopathies.


The understanding of the cellular mechanisms that govern retinal fluid flow is crucial to the cinical application of medical treatments against exudative maculopathies.

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