Allergic conjunctivitis related to cat and dog dander

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A retrospective study on the prevalence of sensitization to cat and dog dander in patients with allergic conjunctivitis.


284 patients with allergic conjunctivitis (124 males-160 females), with age from 18 to 70 years old (mean age: 42.30 for males, 41.35 for females), underwent skin prick tests (SPTs) to cat and dog dander according to current guidelines.


The results showed that more frequent allergens (positive SPTs) were cat dander 67/284 (23.59%), while dog dander showed lower positivity rates 44/284 (15.49%). As regards gender, 33 from 67 patients with positivity to cat dander were males and 34 were females. The numbers for sensitivity to dog dander were 20 males and the rest 24 females, indicating no sex predilection.


Symptoms and signs of ocular allergy are very common and may be related to sensitization to cat and dog dander among other factors. The patients with allergic conjunctivitis included in our study tended to have positivity to cat rather to dog dander. No sex predilection was observed.

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