miRNA and conjunctival melanoma migration

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In cutaneous melanoma, downregulation of miR-211 has been implicated in migration and invasion. As we have previously demonstrated the downregulation of miR-211 in conjunctival melanoma in vivo, we evaluated in vitro the role of miR-211 in the migration of 4 conjunctival melanoma cell lines compared to a cutaneous melanoma cell line.


Migration assays were performed using a cutaneous melanoma cell line and 4 conjunctival melanoma cell lines. Taqman RT-PCR was performed to evaluate the level of miR-211 in each cell line.


Compared to the cutaneous melanoma cell line with a high migration potential, 2 conjunctival melanoma cell lines demonstrated moderate migration abilities while 2 others no migration. The migration potential of the cell lines was significantly inversely correlated with Taqman evaluation of miR-211 expression (p=0,0239).


The migration ability of conjunctival melanoma cell lines is lower than a cutaneous melanoma cell line. The level of miR-211 expression in conjunctival melanoma appears in vitro to inversely correlate with the migration potential of the cell lines, confirming the downregulation of miR-211 observed in vivo in conjunctival melanoma.

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