Problems in vitrectomy and gas for the treatment of Ps RDs

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The use of gas as a tamponade in vitreoretinal surgery is a major tool in the treatment of rhegmatogenous retina detachment (RRD),but it does not lack problems intraoperatively and postoperatively.The intraoperative problems include the risk of hypotony, poor visualization, dislocation of IOLs, rupture of zonules, the risk of compromising the choroidal and retinal circulation, the presence of a gas bubble in the anterior chamber.Postoperative problems are the lack of clear vision due to the gas bubbles'light reflections, the necessity of avoiding high amplitudes (ie flights),and may include high intraocular pressure, hypotony, inadequate filling of the vitreous cavity, dislocation of IOL, iris capture, contact of the gas with the cornea endothelium, dehydration of the retina, toxicity.Now adays our experience in treating RRDs with gas, make the problems arising from its use rare and reversible and its use the most popular among the vitreoretinal surgeons and patients.

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