Comparative study of the IOP-lowering effect of Xalatan vs generic latanoprost in normal subjects

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To compare the intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering efficacy of Xalatan with the generic latanoprost (Latanoprost EG) in normal healthy subjects.


20 normal subjects were recruited in this single-center, randomized, prospective, open label, two-period comparative study. At the baseline visit, subjects' baseline IOP was measured in both eyes at 8am in the morning. Subjects were then administered Xalatan in the right eye and Latanoprost EG in the left eye, both at 10pm, and IOP was controlled again the following morning at 8am. The student T-test was used to assess the level of IOP decrease significance in both groups.


The basline IOP in all the 20 subjects was:. The IOP decrease in the first group administered with Xalatan was 3.74 + 1.9 mmHg (26.11+ 11.3 mmHg). The IOP pressure at baseline and 10 hours after Xalatan administration were respectively 14.33 + 2.1 mmHg and 10.59 + 3.9 mmHg. In the second group, eyes administered with Latanoprost EG showed a slighter IOP decrease from baseline 2.54 + 1.33 mmHg (18.18 + 4.03 mmHg) The IOP at baseline and 10 hours after Latanoprost EG were respectively 14.01 + 2.37 mmHg and 11.45 + 2.39 mmHg. This difference was significative. (p <0.05)


This study showed that the magnitude of IOP lowering in normal healthy subjects with Xalatan and Latanoprost EG is different, a higher IOP lowering efficacy of Xalatan compared to Latanoprost EG. This is important in Glaucoma patients especially when they are treated with different topical drops and for whom the maximum IOP decrease, achieving of the target IOP rang, maintenance of the remaining visual field and quality of life is crucial.

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