Does generic latanorpost measure up to the branded, well-known Xalatan?

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To compare the therapeutic efficacy of 0,005% Latanoprost versus Xalatan in the treatment of patients with OHT,POAG or secondary open-angle glaucoma.


A prospective, single-center, crossover, two period comparative study including 21 eyes of 13 patients. The patients from our glaucoma outpatient clinic, treated with Xalatan monotherapy were proposed to switch their treatment to 0,005% Latanoprost for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, they were treated again in monotherapy with Xalatan. The IOP was measured during baseline (Xalatan1), after 6 weeks with the generic (Lat), and again after reintroducing the original medication, Xalatan for 6 weeks, (Xalatan 2). Two consecutive intraocular pressure (IOP) measures were taken during each control at 8 and 10 o’clock am. The primary end-point was the IOP variations between the brand name and the generic after the 12w. The Anova test was used to assess the difference


The mean age was of 67±13 years. 7 men and 6 women were included in this study. The mean IOP at baseline was 15,2± 2.7 mmHg with Xalatan. The mean IOP measurements after switching to Latanoprost and crossover to Xalatan were respectively 17.6 ± 3.5 mmHg and 15.3 ± 2.6 mmHg. There was, on average, an increase of IOP of 2.89 ± 1.2 mmHg with Latanoprost. This difference was statistically significant (p<0.05).


Our first results showed an increased of IOP in patients switching from Xalatan to Latanoprost. This is of major importance in treatment of the patients with glaucoma. The patients who are not accurately treated with one drop tend to have multiple drops which affects negatively the quality of life of the patient, the compliance, the persistence and causes neg

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