Pentacam HR and C-Quant – forward versus back-ward light scattering, what is the correlation?

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A pilot study with 20 patients of varying age and sex has been conducted to compare light scattering measurements performed with the Pentacam HR and the C-Quant in patients with various ocular problems. The Pentacam HR measurements were done in mydriasis with the standard 25 image recording process. The C-Quant measurements were done in miosis according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pentacam images were exported for densitometric analysis to a custom-made software, whereas the C-Quant data were evaluated with the instrument software. During normal, age-related light scattering increase, C-Quant data were less sensitive for the detection of scattering changes than densitometric evaluation of the Scheimpflug images. However, certain disease conditions like diabetes evidenced a sensitive difference between the 2 measurement techniques.

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