Direct intraarterial (ophthalmic artery) chemotherapy for advanced intraocular retinoblastoma: Five years experience

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To report five years of conservative treatment for advanced retinoblastoma with the direct intra-arterial-ophthalmic artery infusion of Melphalan alone or Melphalan and Topotecan.


75 children (82 eyes) with advanced retinoblastoma (Stage D-E/VA –VB) were entered in phase two of one center open study-approved protocol of ophthalmic artery infusion (Italian intra-arterial protocol, approved by the Ethic Commettee – University Hospital of Siena). Seven cases have been treated bilaterally. 40 eyes were first diagnosis (naïve) and 42 were relapses following chemotherapy and focal therapy and/or radiotherapy.


Cannulation of the ophthalmic artery was performed by a femoral artery approach using microcatheters (magic 1.5) while the children were under general anesthesia and anticoagulated. Chemotherapy (Melphalan alone or Melphalan and Topotecan) was infused into the artery over a 30-minute period (dose of 3-7 mg of Melphalan and 0.3-0.4 mg of Topotecan, according to the age and size of the globe). Local and systemic toxicity have been evaluated and documented.


75 children (82 eyes) with advanced retinoblastoma were eligible for the intra-arterial Italian Protocol. The 65.8% of all treated eyes is in complete remission. Superselective chemotherapy delivered through the ophthalmic artery can avoid enucleation, primary radiation or abuse of systemic chemotherapy.

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