High doses fatty acids for improving vision in patients with dry and wet macular degeneration

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To evaluate the effect of high doses EPA/DHA for dry and wet macular degeneration


40 eyes with dry macular degeneration (6 months follow up) and 43 eyes with wet macular degeneration (1 year follow up) were treated with 5g/day of EPA/DHA. Results of the visual acuity and/or mfERG and/or OCT scans were noted.


Visual acuity for dry macular degeneration patients improved by one or more lines in 80% of eyes at 6/52, 88% at 3/12 and 100% of eyes at 4.5/12. The mean macular oedema for wet macular degeneration was reduced from 487 to 280um at 1 year and the mean visual acuity gain was 1.4 lines at 1 year. The average number of anti-VEGF injections for wet macular degeneration injected was 0.77 over 1 year.


Innovative therapy of using high doses fatty acids to improve vision in patients with dry and wet macular degeneration.

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