Endothelial graft precutting from the epithelial and endothelial side with the femtosecond laser, on cornea stored in a new corneal bioreactor

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To compare femtosecond laser endothelial graft precut from epithelial and endothelial side, on corneas stored in a new corneal bioreactor


Human corneas unsuitable for transplantation for serological reasons and procured by the Auvergne-Loire eye bank (Saint Etienne, France) were used after informed consent of the relatives, as authorized by French bioethics laws. Femtosecond laser lamellar cuts were realized on corneas stored in a new corneal bioreactor, patented by our laboratory, designed to maintain a constant endothelial pressure and to permit an epithelial aplanation without opening the device. Lamellar cuts of several thickness were realized with corneal epithelium or corneal endothelium side up, but always with epithelial aplanation. OCT images (Casia SS1000, Tome) were realized in the bioreactor before and after each cut. Endothelial viability was determined by using a triple Hoechst/Ethidium/Calcein labeling (HEC, IOVS Pipparelli 2011) coupled with image analysis of the whole endothelial surface immediately after the cut. Surface roughness was assessed by scanning electron microscopy


This study demonstrates the possibility to realise femtoseconde laser endothelial graft precut directly in a dedicated storage device. First results of endothelial viability in function of lamellar graft thickness and lamellar cut side will be presented as well as surface roughness


Capacity to realize femtosecond laser endothelial graft precut directly in a storage device could improve the quality and security of delivered lamellar grafts

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