Live retinal image mosaicking during fundus examination with a computer-assisted slit-lamp prototype

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Laser photocoagulation is the standard treatment for sight-threatening diseases worldwide, namely diabetic retinopathy. The slit lamp biomicroscope coupled to the laser permit the visualisation of only a small portion of the retina, complicating the task of localizing and identifying laser targets, increasing treatment duration and patient discomfort. Aim: to assist ophthalmologist, we propose a method for creating intra-operative retina maps for view expansion using a slit-lamp biomicroscope


Based on the mosaicking method previously described by Richa R (Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI’12) the method was a combination of direct and feature-based methods, suitable for the textured nature of the human retina. We used two major enhancements to the original formulation: (1) an efficient pixel selection scheme for increased computational efficiency; (2) an entropy-based mosaic update method for coping with the variable visualization conditions during the procedure. We also implemented a blending method to generate a photo-realistic retina mosaic


Several experiments on retinal mosaicking in live on human (without laser at this moment) with a computer-assisted slit-lamp prototype will be presented


Computer-assisted slit-lamp prototype could be usefull in a next future for retinal documentation and laser navigation


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